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Are Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins REALLY worth the price?

Many people wonder if Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Coins are worth it.

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70This inside look will expose the real truth about Numis Network.  The answers lie below…

I encourage you to read this carefully:

Each month for the past 16 months, I have been receiving rare MS70 Silver collectible coins from around the World through Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club.2011 Chinese Silver Panda MS70

Each MS70 coin is a majestic work of art: a Government minted history lesson from a mint around the World, flawlessly commemorated and encapsulated in fine .958-.9999 silver.

Each individual coin has been scientifically graded by 3 independent coin scientists, who have determined each to be a perfect Mint State 70 (the highest achievable grade).

In order for any coin to receive a certified grade of MS70, all 3 scientists must each individually assign a perfect grade of MS70 – if just one scientist grades a coin an MS69, that coin cannot receive the MS70 grade.

The perfect MS70 grade makes each coin extremely rare, highly sought and increasingly valuable over time..

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70 Queen Elizabeth II

What you deserve to know about Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins… are they REALLY worth the cost?

Let’s take a quick look the cost of each 2011 Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club coin

vs. how much that coin commands in today’s marketplace.


Numis 100 percent buy back guarantee

(Numis Network offers a 5 year -100% buy back guarantee on every Silver Coin of the Month Club purchase).


Here is a list of all Silver of the Month Club coins and the best known currently available source for each available coin.



Of the 12 Coins of the Month, 7 of the 12 are SOLD OUT and are no longer available for sale anywhere in the World.2011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70

Only 5 autoship coins are still available for purchase on the Internet.  Those 5 available coins are listed below, along with the price Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Members paid, AND today’s replacement cost (current value).


2011 Canadian Silver Timber Wolf MS70Fair warning: as STUNNING (+281%) as the results are below, understand they are a reality for everybody who was a member of the Numis Coin of the Month Club in 2011.

Keep in mind, since 7 of these 12 coins cannot be found for sale anywhere, it’s extremely difficult to put a current market value on them (so to be fair, we’re only going to deal with the coins that can still be sourced.


The total price to a Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Member for these 5 available coins was $585 (an average of $117 apiece).

Today’s replacement cost is $1,641 (best known reputable prices + shipping)

for a increase of $1046 or 281%.  Keep in mind, spot silver has gone up just 6% in the same one-year time frame

(Imagine how much the value of these coins will increase once the public discovers the World is going to run out of silver in 9 years.)

1) March 2011 2011 U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS702011 1 oz U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS70

Best price available $149

Numis members $109



2) July 20111994 Australian Silver Kookaburra MS701994 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $795 

Numis members $119



3) September 20112011 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad MS702011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70 1 oz

Best price available $199.99

Numis members $119



4) October 20112012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS702012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $189.99

Numis members $119

+ $70.99


2012 Canadian Silver Cougar MS705) November 2011 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar MS70

Best price available $299

Numis members: $119

+ $180.00



What is the real value of Numis Network’s Silver autoship program?

Executive members of the Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club receive huge tax benefits (deductions).

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor, Diane Kennedy, explains the details here in a recorded inteview with Numis Executive Winder Lyons.

Ms. Kennedy has written two books in Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” series.  She has a deep and profound understanding of the U.S Tax Code.

Her book, “Smart Business, Stupid Business” is a must read for anyone who owns (or is considering owning) their own business.

Having been a CPA for 30 years, Diane Kennedy has also has a deep understanding of the power of compounding, and the residual income potential of operating a home based networking business.

Read here as she explains how she passed up on countless opportunities before joining Numis:

SIGN ME UP!!!<——— That’s what Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor said!!

After having read her blogpost: Why I Chose Numis, you can understand where Diane is coming from.

What better business to get involved in?  Collecting appreciable assets that have historically only gone up in value AND are backed by a 100% buy back guarantee.

Lastly, no honest discussion about Numis Network can be held without mentioning the compensation plan.

Click here to listen to a discussion about the Numis Network compensation plan as explained by the person who created it, Chris Kent.

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The 2012 Global Gold Picture

The 2012 Global Gold Picture

Here are some current stats on gold that I think are really cool (and really kinda crazy).

- Only 181,881 metric tons (363,762,732 pounds) of gold have ever been mined in the history of the World,

which is only 3.42 Olympic swimming pools full of gold,

which is only a cube 67 meters,

which is 24 grams of gold for every person on Earth,

which is 0.76 troy ounces (0.83 ordinary ounces) per Earthling

Here are the 2012 Global Gold Stats:

All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

In today’s US dollars, that’s only $8,487,797,102,400 (slightly more than half of the US Debt)

Eight Trillion, four-hundred eighty seven-billion, seven-hundred ninety-seven million, one hundred and two thousand, four-hundred US dollars…

$1213 of gold per person…

with a world population of 7 billion people.

But the those paths are diverging: more people = less gold per person

Which makes gold a bargain at $1616.00 an ounce…

Which makes silver an even better bargain @ $29, according to this, where “Gold is Great, but Silver is the Next Apple

Click here for more on gold and silver.

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2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)

2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)

scroll down to view the coin’s history, mintage, specifications,

original cost and current value (replacement cost)

$119 through Numis Network’s

Silver Coin of the Month Club

best known reputable dealer’s price available today:

SOLD OUT/UNAVAILABLE - impossible to find

2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf MS70


What’s so cool about the 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)?



Click here to learn more about the 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70).

For more on gold and silver click here.

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