The 2012 Global Gold Picture

Here are some current stats on gold that I think are really cool (and really kinda crazy).

- Only 181,881 metric tons (363,762,732 pounds) of gold have ever been mined in the history of the World,

which is only 3.42 Olympic swimming pools full of gold,

which is only a cube 67 meters,

which is 24 grams of gold for every person on Earth,

which is 0.76 troy ounces (0.83 ordinary ounces) per Earthling

Here are the 2012 Global Gold Stats:

All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

In today’s US dollars, that’s only $8,487,797,102,400 (slightly more than half of the US Debt)

Eight Trillion, four-hundred eighty seven-billion, seven-hundred ninety-seven million, one hundred and two thousand, four-hundred US dollars…

$1213 of gold per person…

with a world population of 7 billion people.

But the those paths are diverging: more people = less gold per person

Which makes gold a bargain at $1616.00 an ounce…

Which makes silver an even better bargain @ $29, according to this, where “Gold is Great, but Silver is the Next Apple

Click here for more on gold and silver.

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