This is a step-by-step, paint by numbers system for any Numis Network Executive to get started correctly, and get their new Executives correctly.

1) Go to Complete the steps: add yourself to the Numis Training List, listen to the “Where to Start” audio, watch the Fast Track training video…

2) -Go to Register, if you don’t already have an account.

Follow: @NumisNetwork, @RayHigdon, @workwithdave, @DianeKennedyCPA, @Rod_Albers, @AddYourTwitterUsernameHere

3) Check the EVENTS Schedule in your Numis back office (top header – grey bar) to see if any events are in your area, or if you know anyone in the area the events are in.

4) - Read this short blog and watch the top video (with the black background):

While following along with the video, refer to this document, the Numis Network Compensation Plan

5) -Join the Success Club- Back office, top header, locate SUCCESS CLUB, sign up. Best $9 a month you’ll ever spend.

6) - Become a Silver Eagle- Back office, top header, locate “RESOURCES”, select “Documents”, “Silver Eagle Performance Schedule”, print it out, then send an email to Chris Kent: Ask Chris to put you on a “Silver Eagle Challenge Team.”

Any new Executive has 30 days to enroll two Executives and reach the lifetime achievement level of Silver Eagle. If they accomplish this in 7 days, they will become a Double Silver Eagle.

7) Order an Accelerator Kit: Go to the top header menu in your Numis back office (the grey bar) and click on “ORDER PRODUCTS”. At the very top left margin, click on “Coin of the Month Club… Sets… The Legacy Series Accelerator Collection.

A $100 discount will be applied to all accelerator kits purchased during a new Executive’s first 30 days.

Comfort Zone


1) Assist each enrollee through the sign up process, so they will be able to do the same for their enrollees. Answer any initial questions they may have, which will require your familiarity with the back office.

2) - Confirm your new enrollee is on Facebook: and included in the Numis Network Group.

Add them here:!/groups/150200158388707/

If you are not yet a member of this group, go there now and ask to be added. Group membership here is important, as fresh information flows through the group.

3) Same goes for for Numis Prosperity Mastermind. If you are not a member, contact me and I will invite you.

Visit Numis Prosperity Mastermind

4) – Have your new enrollee make a list of the 15-20 people who would have the most impact on their business, contact these people individually, ask them this question: “Are you open to a side project, to make some extra money, without it interfering with what you are currently doing?” If they say, “Yes”, copy, paste and email them the following information:

- Your link: … for example, my link is

- A business presentation link, (check to make sure your links work before you send!!)

For NON-network marketers,this can be either the most recent live Corporate Business Presentation event, available at: (scroll down to “Recent Videos”), or you may also use Ray Higdon’s Business Presentation:

For those who have Network Marketing experience, send them this link:

for example, mine is

Schedule a good time for follow up. After they’ve seen the video, ask them what they liked best about it. Let them recount the information they absorbed about the video that spoke to them.

Don’t forget to read from The Golden Library.

To lead, you must first be a good follower. -Somebody smart


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