Are Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins REALLY worth the price?

Many people wonder if Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Coins are worth it.

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70This inside look will expose the real truth about Numis Network.  The answers lie below…

I encourage you to read this carefully:

Each month for the past 16 months, I have been receiving rare MS70 Silver collectible coins from around the World through Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club.2011 Chinese Silver Panda MS70

Each MS70 coin is a majestic work of art: a Government minted history lesson from a mint around the World, flawlessly commemorated and encapsulated in fine .958-.9999 silver.

Each individual coin has been scientifically graded by 3 independent coin scientists, who have determined each to be a perfect Mint State 70 (the highest achievable grade).

In order for any coin to receive a certified grade of MS70, all 3 scientists must each individually assign a perfect grade of MS70 – if just one scientist grades a coin an MS69, that coin cannot receive the MS70 grade.

The perfect MS70 grade makes each coin extremely rare, highly sought and increasingly valuable over time..

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70 Queen Elizabeth II

What you deserve to know about Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins… are they REALLY worth the cost?

Let’s take a quick look the cost of each 2011 Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club coin

vs. how much that coin commands in today’s marketplace.


Numis 100 percent buy back guarantee

(Numis Network offers a 5 year -100% buy back guarantee on every Silver Coin of the Month Club purchase).


Here is a list of all Silver of the Month Club coins and the best known currently available source for each available coin.



Of the 12 Coins of the Month, 7 of the 12 are SOLD OUT and are no longer available for sale anywhere in the World.2011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70

Only 5 autoship coins are still available for purchase on the Internet.  Those 5 available coins are listed below, along with the price Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Members paid, AND today’s replacement cost (current value).


2011 Canadian Silver Timber Wolf MS70Fair warning: as STUNNING (+281%) as the results are below, understand they are a reality for everybody who was a member of the Numis Coin of the Month Club in 2011.

Keep in mind, since 7 of these 12 coins cannot be found for sale anywhere, it’s extremely difficult to put a current market value on them (so to be fair, we’re only going to deal with the coins that can still be sourced.


The total price to a Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Member for these 5 available coins was $585 (an average of $117 apiece).

Today’s replacement cost is $1,641 (best known reputable prices + shipping)

for a increase of $1046 or 281%.  Keep in mind, spot silver has gone up just 6% in the same one-year time frame

(Imagine how much the value of these coins will increase once the public discovers the World is going to run out of silver in 9 years.)

1) March 2011 2011 U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS702011 1 oz U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS70

Best price available $149

Numis members $109



2) July 20111994 Australian Silver Kookaburra MS701994 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $795 

Numis members $119



3) September 20112011 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad MS702011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70 1 oz

Best price available $199.99

Numis members $119



4) October 20112012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS702012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $189.99

Numis members $119

+ $70.99


2012 Canadian Silver Cougar MS705) November 2011 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar MS70

Best price available $299

Numis members: $119

+ $180.00



What is the real value of Numis Network’s Silver autoship program?

Executive members of the Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club receive huge tax benefits (deductions).

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor, Diane Kennedy, explains the details here in a recorded inteview with Numis Executive Winder Lyons.

Ms. Kennedy has written two books in Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” series.  She has a deep and profound understanding of the U.S Tax Code.

Her book, “Smart Business, Stupid Business” is a must read for anyone who owns (or is considering owning) their own business.

Having been a CPA for 30 years, Diane Kennedy has also has a deep understanding of the power of compounding, and the residual income potential of operating a home based networking business.

Read here as she explains how she passed up on countless opportunities before joining Numis:

SIGN ME UP!!!<——— That’s what Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor said!!

After having read her blogpost: Why I Chose Numis, you can understand where Diane is coming from.

What better business to get involved in?  Collecting appreciable assets that have historically only gone up in value AND are backed by a 100% buy back guarantee.

Lastly, no honest discussion about Numis Network can be held without mentioning the compensation plan.

Click here to listen to a discussion about the Numis Network compensation plan as explained by the person who created it, Chris Kent.

Please feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, and social media outlets .  If have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me.

Rod Albers

Rod Albers photo



There are countless times on a daily basis when life serves up opportunities and you either capture the moment or you don’t.

In the video you just watched, Xavier Scruggs hit a bases clearing triple in the bottom of the 4th inning that broke the backs of the competition and virtually solidified a Cardinal victory less than halfway through the game. Had the right fielder not caught a piece of the ball with his glove in his leaping attempt to save the game, the shot would have cleared the wall for an ever glorious grand slam.

Here’s where the story gets good: in the 33 games since being called up to the Cardinals this season, Xavier Scruggs has only hit 8 home runs in 122 plate appearances, which equates to a 6.5% statistical possibility that he would hit a home run during any single at-bat.

What doesn’t translate in the stat book is that Xavier could hear the encouragement and feel the electric Karma being channeled his way, which no doubt fueled his ability to connect with the pitch and solidly send it sailing 340 feet through the cool September night.

It would have been a much more logical prediction on my part to call for him to strike out, because Xavier will swing at anything. If a pitch bounces 3 feet in front of home plate, he’s taking a Paul Bunyan cut at it anyway. If the pitcher throws it behind him, he will spin around and try to hit a two hand backhand down the left field line ala Andre Agassi. The dude has never seen a pitch (or a meal) he doesn’t like.

That’s why I love the guy. He refuses let life pass him by. He goes down swinging come hell or high water.

Are you like the X-Man? Do you take a big rip at opportunity, or do you often find yourself getting called out on strikes by being cautious and selective?

Do you have enough faith in yourself that when you push your chips in the middle, you’ve made the right decision regardless of the outcome? Do you stay strong believing that what you did was the correct thing to do at the time?

Second guessing can often become second nature. The lack of doing, by its very nature, creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. If you don’t put your chips in the middle often enough then you are never going to win.

I’m not claiming to be Nostradamus here, but I do have a seemingly uncanny ability on occasion to pick winners and literally think an occurrence into existence.

However, I don’t think I’m special. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary. I’m just an average guy from an average family in an average town smack dab in the middle of America who chooses to do semi-extraordinary things on a daily basis.

I also believe that you have the very same ability. If you speak it aloud to the universe, then it shall come to pass. So what do you want out of life? Say it out loud right now, with authority. Don’t be surprised when your spoken thoughts, over time, become reality.

Key people in my life have taught me, by example, that life is a daily series of choices. I have made the conscious decision to do things to the absolute best of my ability or to not do them at all, because the notion of failure pisses me off.

Imagining a life without failure is ridiculously idealistic and completely unrealistic. Without failure, there would be no success. Without pain, there is no gain. You’d be surprised how often the cards turn in your favor if you just keep putting your chips in the middle.

I didn’t always have that attitude. It grew into the fabric of my being by spending time with exceptional people who held that same mentality. “You are who you roll with,” and you become the top 5 people you spend the most time with.

I received a call last night from a gentleman we’ll call Mr. V who hails from sunny southern California. He found me on the internet “about 3 months ago” looking for a better solution to build a business from home. I listened to him explain how he has been all-in with A Technology MLM Which Shall Remain Nameless CN (a video phone and satellite network marketing company) but he hasn’t been getting the results he expected or needs.

Mr. V asked about my experience in the industry, how I got my start, and the companies with which I’ve been involved.

I explained to him that I have a pretty deep understanding of what he’s going through with his situation with his technology MLM. In 1995, I got involved with a not-so-little company called Excel Telecommunications. In a relatively short amount of time I was promoted to a Regional Training Director position, where I trained the company’s representatives in my region.

Excel was a great company with a huge vision and, at the time, was exactly what I needed in my life. I had huge dreams and was willing to pursue them at all costs.

Excel operated on a “uni-level” compensation plan, where a representative was eligible for huge residual compensation once they had signed up 20 customers and 3 representatives with ambitions of doing the same.

Since it was obvious to me that very few representatives had the ability to do all of that, I focused on helping the ones that could (since you only needed 3) and signed up people for other people in order to maximize the comp plan for all involved and minimize organizational attrition, which is the reason why people fail in network marketing.

After all, why would you sign up 40 wide when you could strategically place those people in depth and help others do what they might not be able to do on their own?

My strategy of “helping other people get people” caught the attention of my upline, who began utilizing it with great success. It is no surprise to me the most conventional network marketing compensation plans have evolved to encourage this sort of behavior to stimulate growth and long-term sustainability of the company.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t fully understand at the time was that technology has never worked long-term in the network marketing model because competition drives down technology costs to the consumer on a daily basis and the give-and-take eventually makes a huge dent in the paychecks of the people in the trenches making it happen.

I could not, in good conscience, continue to introduce people to a business knowing that darker skies were on the horizon, so I resigned my position with Excel.

I watched from the sidelines as that company continued toward greatness for a few years, before its billionaire owners Kenny Trout and Steve Smith ultimately took it public and inevitably sold their controlling shares, having seen the same writing on the wall as I had.

I had a disdain for network marketing for several years after that experience, but I learned upon being introduced to a product called MonaVie that what happened with Excel wasn’t really anybody’s fault, it wasn’t my fault and it wasn’t network marketing’s fault.

Excel was an exception, for reasons stated above, and my negative perception of network marketing’s reality was skewed by my biased experienced within it. What I found was that network marketing is incredible and there are fantastic companies with superior products and services, along with tremendous opportunities for average people to make crazy money if they wish.

Upon that discovery, I pursued MonaVie with the same vigor I had with Excel, albeit handcuffed a bit by the fact that I had burned through a large portion of my warm market a decade earlier as many, like me, had not forgotten the Excel experience and were quick to judge my involvement with MonaVie as “another one of those deals.”

By sheer determination and incredible support from my upline mentors: Dr. Leslie and Scott Rebtoy, and Julie and Darryl Christner, I was able to ascend the company’s ranks and eventually become the highest ranked distributor in my state.

This was all done through yesterday’s “traditional” network marketing means: hotel meetings, home meetings, office meetings, one on one’s at the coffee shop, quarterly trips to regional events at fancy hotels, etc.

I was the guy at Panera, strategically positioned with the gaudy shirt and the product line on the table for the whole place to see and wonder, “hmm, who is this weirdo and what is that stuff he’s hawking?”

“Excuse me ma’am, but I couldn’t help but overhear (through my high-powered military audio surveillance equipment) that you mentioned you’ve got diabetes. Have you ever heard of MonaVie? No? Are you allergic to any fruits? Great! Here try this. Isn’t that gooooood?!?!”

Yes, those were fun times…

…clandestinely dropping a business card in the pharmaceutical rep’s bag as she bent down to fix her stiletto heel she had little business wearing with that 3-sizes-too small-dress while juggling her keys with her right hand and anchoring that insanely big bag of bagels on that insanely big diamond ring/boulder on her left, as she hastily headed out the door in the rain, rushing to the doctor’s office in that beautiful red-and-soon-to-be-repo’ed Mercedes….

…whipping a U-turn into the pawn shop parking lot to ask the clown-on-stilts, who happened to be Methuselah’s mother, if she was looking for a healthier way to make an income than standing out in the hot sun in an itchy wig and red-racquetball nose while barely cheating death on those wobbly overgrown chopsticks…

You get the picture. Network marketing is a numbers game. The industry has incredible upside, but can get difficult after you’ve approached everyone you know in your warm market with your opportunity. Then, you are left with resorting to hanging out at the bowling alley in search of a guy who’s complaining about his gout, after you stopped by Border’s to stick your business cards in all of Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

Luckily, today is a new day, and network marketing doesn’t have to be that way for those who know “The Secret” that “traditional” network marketers don’t. The secret your upline isn’t telling you, because their “system” is heavily reliant on you spending a ton of money on their “tools” to make your business work.

This “secret” that is allowing average, everyday people swing for the fences every day just like Xavier Scruggs, and clear the bases on a daily basis without a bunch of tools collecting dust in the garage, or fear of rejection from friends, family, neighbors and peers.

Mr. V was searching for a new way, when he found me. He was stunned to hear one of my downlines has grown to over 2000 people in the 4 months since I got involved with the company and he wants in now. It happens to be an opportunity where the company’s products, management and vision align with Mr. V’s core values and he is busting at the seams to know more on how he can properly get started.

Chalk one up for “the secret.” Mr. V found me through the power of the internet in the comfort of his own home. Neither one of us went to a coffee shop, bowling alley or a hotel meeting, yet we both gained mutual benefit through the power of the internet in the comforts of our own homes.

As I mentioned, I’m a numbers guy and this is a numbers game. If you know me personally, or have been following my blog, you know that I am a strong believer/advocate/proponent of connecting the chaos of the Universe through numbers. I get a hunch (or inside information, which is infinitely better) and do some heavy duty, rapid fire number crunching, a simple cost-benefit analysis, and go to town.

To me, number crunching is akin to crunching through that first bite of creme brulee. Like a juicy bite of a perfect steak or an orange sunset over the Ocean, numbers provide deep meaning to me. Numbers provide direction in my life. I am governed by numbers.

If you know me, you know I love to play golf. Golf is governed by numbers. Every sport is governed by numbers. The economy is governed by numbers. Our entire existence is governed by numbers.

Show me something that isn’t governed by numbers and I’ll show you numbers.

Last night, after 18 weeks of deliberation, I finally decided to pull the trigger once again and get involved in another new network marketing company, but this time for a completely different reason.

I did not get involved with this company because of the products, not for the company, the compensation plan or the management, (even though they are all great too) but for the leader who is now my sponsor in that company. I made the decision to seek his tutelage to expand my mind and learn things that I am certain I can’t get anywhere else.

Just like the Universe, our minds are constantly expanding and growing. If we’re not growing, then we’re dying. I want and need my mind to grow in a proper direction, so after months of careful consideration and fence-riding, I finally made the decision that I can no longer live without the growth which this leader inspires in order to help others achieve the level of freedom that I too desire and am striving to be able to teach to others so that they may live the life they desire and deserve.

The person I got involved with is rapidly becoming an industry legend, and is poised to possibly become the most famous, empowering and well compensated network marketer of all-time.

Imagine being able to share studio time with Jimi Hendrix before Woodstock; before the entire World knew who he was. That great man, the “Terminator,” who in one’s year’s time went from dead broke living in a van by the river, to being the #1 recruiter inside the #1 attraction marketing system on the internet, personally sponsoring over 100 people into his primary business opportunity in the span of 7 days, and living in a mansion in Costa Rica: Mr. David Wood.

Imagine the shock and clarity when I received the follow up email from that new company certifying that my Distributor ID# 12X88, which won’t mean anything to you until I include that my distributor number in my “primary” company is 12X88!

How can this be possible??

That may cause an infinite number of reactions, from “so what?” to “holy crap!” But wait! There’s more!! Besides making the number ridiculously easy to remember, the difference between the two numbers (one minus the other) is nearly identical to my Distributor ID# in my 3rd company!!

So, if we were to express this mathematically:

(Company A) – (Company B) = Company C

Company A = 12×88
Company B = y
Company C = 12z88

How absolutely incredibly insanely mind-blowingly crazy is that?!?!

This removes all doubt as to whether this was correct decision to make. It was absolutely the correct decision at absolutely the correct time, even though it took me a few months to make it. It was supposed to happen that way. It is not my place to question it.

Suffice it to say, I am certainly in the right place at the right time. And timing, as they say, is everything.

This confirmation instills confidence that I am on the correct path. The Universe will continue to provide the signs as long as I keep my eyes and mind open.

The super-fantastic part (to me, anyway) is that my Distributor ID # with MonaVie was right at 1,000,000 (one million). I was not one of the “lucky ones” who was able to get a foot in the door on day one.

Network marketing is taught at over 200 business schools. The Harvard Business School teaches that 80% of the income over the life of any network marketing company is earned by people with Distributor #’s less than 100,000, so getting in early is only 80% as important as it is made up to be. You can still make a great living and help others do the same if you get involved during year 3, 5 or 10, but if I’m offered 4 to 1 odds on any bet, I’ll take the 4 over the 1 every time.

You don’t have to get in on the ground floor of a network marketing company in order to achieve great success, but it sure helps. I “got in” MonaVie 3+ years after the inception of that company and was still able to achieve the highest rank in my state.

I’ve had the opportunity to pick the collective brains of the absolute greatest in the network marketing industry. I’ve been personally blessed by Brig Hart (the highest paid network marketer in history), had conversations with Steve Merritt, Charlie Kalb, Bob Robinson, Holly and Corbin Roush, Ron Prudhomme, Bo Van Pelt, Rob Alwin, Jason Lyons, and co-founder Henry Marsh… so I’m living proof that anything is possible.

I’ve even been on Dallin Larsen’s plane. (FYI, its actually his wife Karree’s plane. She’s the pilot; Its official name is the MonaVie Corporate Jet; you must take your shoes off before boarding, which I found more congruent than the gold plated seat belt latches.

Even though I didn’t get in on the “ground floor,” and did everything my upline taught me, which we both know is antiquated, and inefficient (as opposed to creating your own endless leads on the internet without handing out boatloads of expensive products to strangers) I was still able to become an 8th level Executive with that company.

Hopefully this may serve as an inspiration to you to believe that your choices from here on out can have a super awesome impact on your future and the future of others, and you can live stress free without doubt or concern as to whether the stars will align for you. I’m here to tell you that they are already aligned for you! You’ve just got to believe it!! It’s a great feeling!!

So, whatever your choice, when the time is right for you, just do it! Have the strength and the courage to be whatever it is you want to be.

Here’s my prediction: Network marketing is going to explode beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Your ultimate success is at your fingertips. Maybe that’s today, tomorrow, 3 months or 3 years from now.

We’ve all been network marketers since we were 3 years old. Are you one of the many that is getting paid for it?

*Update: I just checked my “back office” website in my newest network marketing company for the first time since I signed up last night (19 hours ago) and discovered there are already 12 people in my downline. The same company that has been erupting while I’ve watched on the sidelines since March 17th. The same company that I joined for the leadership, not the product or opportunity. I think I made a huge mistake… by not joining 6 months ago.

** Update to the update^^: 2500 reps in company #2 downline in 130 days! That’s more people in my business than words in this blog post!!

If you’re not involved in a network marketing company today, what on Earth are you waiting for?

If you are already a network marketer, but have not been getting the results that you want or need…

if have big dreams, are coachable, teachable, and willing to do what it takes to become a huge success in this industry…

if you want to have the time of your life by empowering others to achieve their dreams…

then connect with me to discuss the possibility of working personally with me to achieve the financial freedom and lifestyle of abundance that you deserve. I look forward to it!!

To your ultimate success,

Rod Albers

Rod/Brent pic

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The Ultimate Twitter Tool for Entrepreneurs

Has Twitter ever made you pull out your hair in disgust? Has sorting through the maddening mountain of Tweets you have received forced you to make the pre-emptive mistake of giving up on Twitter altogether?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I have got great news for you. Twitter just got simple, streamlined and fun again, not to mention mega-profitable for the savvy entrepreneur who knows how to utilize it properly.

My brilliant friend John Razmus has, just this week, put the finishing touches on his amazing new free automated Twitter tool called EverTweet.

Fully customizable and quick to set up, EverTweet is a simple yet powerful one-of-a-kind Twitter solution loaded with productive, time saving features that will help any corporation, home business owner, marketer and entrepreneur build their business on autopilot.

Did you miss the part where I mentioned that it is free?

With EverTweet, you have the ability to manage multiple accounts, each with their own drop down menu. With a couple of mouse clicks you can set your accounts up to auto-follow up to 10 million Twitterers by entering an unlimited series of keywords in your area of interest, and auto-unfollow the “Twuds” (Twitter Duds) who you’ve been following for a certain amount of time (of your choosing), but they’ve never shown interest in following you back.

If you are a piano teacher and want to find people who are interested in learning how to play the piano, EverTweet can quickly be set up to automatically find them at light speed. There is even a feature which allows you to geographically locate your prospects.

EverTweet will also enable you to parse out who is reTweeting your Tweets and what Tweets you are receiving that have been reTweeted to you.

Have you ever wanted to thank someone (or hundreds at one time) for following you in a timely fashion before, but time did not allow you to do so? EverTweet, has an auto “Thank you for following me” function which is, of course, fully customizable.

There is even an auto-Tweet scheduling with EverTweet calendar. Say you own a restaurant and want to Tweet your daily menu specials. Simply copy and paste your menu information or website location into the EverTweet calendar and go back to doing what you do best while EverTweet does the rest.

If you are technologically challenged, there are tutorial videos which show exactly how to properly set up the system to run most effeciently and effectively for your particular needs.

We live in a web 2.0 World. Businesses at every level must utilize the best available tools or they will get crushed by their competition.

EverTweet is cutting edge, easy, fun and free. It will save you time and make you money. What’s not to like?

Join the EverTweet Beta Party now. Grab your free Premium version of the World’s ultimate Twitter tool while they last and have a chance to win many cool prizes, including a $500 Amazon gift card and a free EverTweet Premium account for life!

Copyright 2010 Rod Albers Publishing All Rights Reserved


OK, so I’ve really stepped in it this time. There are only a few million megatons of pressure on me to produce a top quality blog post here, since I’ve just challenged YOU to read it.

So I promise it won’t suck!

How am I able to make that brazen promise?

Because I’m about throw down some serious value, that’s why! DO NOT stop reading until the very end or you will do yourself a HUGE disservice!! Take that to the BANK.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Warren Buffett? He’s the 3rd wealthiest person on the planet. When Warren Buffett talks, the entire world listens.

Warren Buffett

Mr. Buffett said something that resonates deeply with me:

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

I received a phone call earlier today, just as I was getting comfortable on the toilet, and there was NO WAY I was getting up to answer it. I did, however, particularly appreciate the timing of the call, considering I had just embarked on porcelainnial solitude (yes, I just made that up and it IS beautiful in its own way, thank you.) Therefore, I knew the call, under the circumstances, was “meant to be” and I intended on returning it post haste.

Imagine my surprise when caller ID informed me the call had originated from a local marketing firm known from this point forward as “Blankety Blank Marketing.”

Since I happen to be an Internet Marketing rock star and World Wide Web researching phenom with access to the most badass computer tools available to humans, I quickly investigated this particular “marketing” firm that (presumably) chose to cold call me.

In internet parlance, I pulled up their skirt. I quickly found it interesting that Blankety Blank Marketing purports themselves to be experts at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) among other things. They represent high profile clients and have been in business for 6 years.

As of this very moment, Blankety Blank Marketing is ranked 3,093,502 in global web traffic by

Why should you care, you’re asking?

Well, because the recently tiny, formerly humble site you are reading right now,,

the Mercurial Masterpiece built on a budget lower than the price of a nice meal at a fancy chain restaurant,

the skyrocketing sensation of intellectual internet property which less than 90 days ago was nothing more than a spot of unclaimed internet real estate ($7 GoDaddy domain name = fueled by a free WordPress blog theme, repeat FREE, hosted at HostGator for $64 a year,

the internet enigma that is STILL in its first trimester of existence (that’s less than 90 days, for those of you in Rio Linda) is currently weighing in at, are you ready for this:

#777,665 in global web traffic…

out of hundreds of millions of websites…

in less than 90 days…

for under $75 bucks…

which proves my system works better than theirs. WAY BETTER. I am crushing it. is currently generating 425% more traffic than an ‘expert’ site “built by SEO ‘experts’ who build for ‘experts’ and have been around 25 times longer.

Now, before I get into how you can profit tremendously from the knowledge that I have to share, which WILL make you wealthy if you choose to listen, we must discuss the significance of this ranking, “777,665″.

While it may appear completely random on the surface, 777,665 is actually the most super fantastic number for a roadmap to success.

777,665. 777. 66. 5.

To a mathmetician who turns chaos into cash for a living, this is GOLD! If you put it to use it can become gold for you, too.

777. Triple 7. Hello 7.

Seven is the favorite number of gamblers the world over. More fortunes have been lost over the number 7 than any other number. Those who understand how to create wealth understand you must be a gambler, but you must gamble intelligently and wisely, with negligible risk and huge upside. Over and over and over again.

Gamble on sure things, that you can control, like yourself.


I wake up most days and “get my kicks” on historical Route 66. Route 66 is the most famous road in the world. When I’m done writing this I will take a nice cruise down Route 66 just because I can.

I can promise you it will be fun, comfortable, and amazing. I would take some pictures and post them to the website, by my state thrives on tourism and we need people to actually come over here and see it for themselves, so that I can have better roads on which to transport my family and ride my motorcycles.


This is the age that most children begin school. This is also the most critical point in the development of a person’s financial future. Unfortunately, it is at this time that children begin to become wrongly taught by the people who are entrusted to have their best interests at heart.

The Educational System is the biggest roadblock to a person’s financial success. My Mom was a 1st grade teacher, so I know of what I speak (no offense, Mom, it was the system’s fault, not yours!!) do more to derail an individual’s financial success than just about anyone else, but it is the result of a poor system, not the individual teachers. We need more great teachers. We also need a much better system.

Just look at the schedule of a teacher: go to work from 8am-3pm, 5 days a week. Take weekends off, holidays off. Look forward to 3 months vacation in the summer, which is spent dreading the minute it’s over so you have to go back and do it all over again.

We are taught to work until the bell rings. Get up Monday and work til the whistle blows. Then we get to go home. Go home and vegetate in front of the television until we go to bed, so we can get up Tuesday morning and do it all over again. Work till the weekend comes.

We are NOT taught that if we LEARN HOW to make money, money can be leveraged as a tool to make MORE money, so that we can achieve a point in life where the pursuit of money doesn’t matter any more.

In the “Conspiracy of the Rich, Robert Kiyosaki states, “one important action of the conspiracy was to take control of the education system… John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board in 1904 and since then the ultra rich have controlled our minds by controlling what we learn about money in school, which is zero. And then we wonder why we have financial problems.”

Let’s face it: the vast majority of citizens do not feel they have a choice on how to derive an income. The traditional model has been so ingrained in them that they are hopelessly lost in its warped reality.

But I’m here to tell you there is MUCH more out there than just 9-5 ham and egging it.

For many, complete time freedom is just a few steps around the corner!

With time freedom, there is no need to be a slave to any one job, company, industry, or boss. YOU are the boss. YOU dictate what you do, when you do it, with whom you’ll do it and how long you’ll do it.

Once you understand that you are the only person that can stop you, THEN you are completely free to achieve whatever in life it is that you want to achieve.

Entrepreneurs know that there is no quitting when the bell rings. There is no plopping down in front of the TV and letting Hollywood run their lives and dictate their thought processes.

Do I watch TV? Sure! When I go to the bank!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I watch the Golf Channel, but it’s educational. I watch Pawn Stars sometimes, but that’s educational too. And I do admit to having watched Billy the Exterminator a time or two, but I learn from Billy.

Whenever the TV is on, I’m learning.

As a matter of fact, by reading the above paragraph, I’ve just learned that I really don’t really need to be watching Billy the Exterminator anymore. It’s not helping anybody make any money.

If you want to create multiple income streams which allow you time freedom, you should turn off the Network Reduction Box and join me. It’s not difficult.

If you want to learn skills to create wealth, you’ve got to commit to yourself and just do it. Your destiny is your choice.

All day, every day, people are taking a BIG GAMBLE with their financial future by travelling down the OLD AND FAMOUS ROAD of doing what they’ve been TAUGHT SINCE THEY WERE FIVE YEARS OLD about becoming successful and providing for their families.

Hence, 777,665. Stop taking the gamble that is the old road you’ve been wrongly taught.

Your roadmap to success lies in you. Invest in yourself. Today.

I’ve always been willing to stake my life on things I believe in. I believe in what I’m about to say so deeply that I will stake my life on it’s truthfulness and as well as its originality. I fully expect it to be one of the most reproduced and Googled phrase terms of the future, because it IS the future:

The people who have access to the best information first make the most money.”

If that last sentence failed to penetrate the most remote depths of your cerebral cortex:


And here’s the cherry on top of this bank account boosting bonanza:

MONEY only FOLLOWS one thing, and that’s SPEED.

Money follows speed. Remember it. Never forget it.


Get used to hearing this term. It is going to help a lot of people make a lot of money.

If I’m wrong, may I be struck down by a meteor tonight while I’m out on my new Harley V-Rod Muscle.
vrod muscle

Forgive me for sounding like a proud papa when I say the picture doesn’t do it justice. My Mom says the gold flaked paint really makes it sparkle in the sunlight. She’s got that right!

My mother likes to tell a story of when I was a small child, playing with another child, who had apparent aspirations toward one of my toys.

I barked out, “Kendra! Don’t touch my toys! I have them laid out that way for a reason!!

I never understood the significance of that exact situation until I recently began studying Archimedes, possibly the greatest mathemetician of all time.

During the Second Punic War, General Marcus Claudius Marcellus ordered his Army to besiege Syracuse, but to do no harm to Archimedes, as he was the greatest scientific war mind in history, having invented many different extremely effective hi-tech (for the time) weapons, including a “heat ray” comprised of cliff mounted mirrors which directed sunbeams from many different angles upon an attacking ship which would set it on fire.

How freaking awesome is that?? Not awesome enough, unfortunately, because Syracuse’s defenses were eventually penetrated and became controlled by the Roman Army.

Upon being captured by a Roman soldier, Archimedes had but one request, “Do NOT disturb my circles!”

The soldier, took offense to Archimedes demand, defied his General’s command and struck Archimedes dead with a blow from his sword.

You are in my toybox, my friend. You’ve shot through the rabbithole into a new dimension.

The thing about my toybox is that all of my toys help me make money. If you want to make money, you should use them too, but not until we talk first so I can show you how to properly utilize what you need and what you don’t.

I wish Archimedes were alive today so I could ask his mathematical excellence about 777,665. Maybe he would choose instead to decipher’s most recent Alexa ranking of 750,651 which is how high the ranking since I began writing this post this morning.

From 776,555 to 750,651. Thats an increase of 27,014 spots! That’s like 1000 spots a paragraph!

Holy crap! I’m about to pass Oprah!! HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY OP-RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

If you want to know how you can go from ground zero to the top of the internet in less than 90 days, on a budget of nearly nothing, then we need to connect so I can show you my system.

Maybe Monday though. Not today. I’m outta here. Time to fire up the Harley.

Until then, have a great weekend and enjoy your freedom! God Bless America!!

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This world isn’t going to save itself. Make your voice heard. Do good for the world. Be blessed. And WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES!!


The Business of the 21st Century

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To thrive in the new economy, you need to understand the value of financial education. Robert Kiyosaki -The Business of The 21st Century


Ever since I was 3 years old, I have been a professional marketer. Same as you… and my Mom.

I began my marketing career on a Big Wheel.

Big Wheel

When I first got it, my short little legs could barely touch the pedals. Eventually, I tore around on that thing like a diapered man possessed.

The neighbor kids, my friends, the people who were kind enough to stop their vehicle to allow me to vacate the street… they all knew I loved my Big Wheel.. and many kids begged their parents for one, too.

Too bad mine melted, into the heat grate, in the hallway, where I’d parked it.

What did I know? I was 3.

When I was 4, I began marketing for Daisy BB guns. Four years later, I got into Atari! BEFORE it was the 2600! Man, did I ever get in on the ground-floor of that thing!!

Atari 2600

Too bad for me:

A) I wasn’t of legal age to sign a contract and

B) Atari was never a network marketing company :( .

Neither are Nintendo, Honda, GM, Levi’s, Izod, Nike, Mexican Villa, Boulevard Beer, Remington Arms or countless other companies who I’ve marketed for throughout my life.

I shudder to think how much free marketing I’ve done in my lifetime, without even knowing it. We all have. It’s what we humans do.

We tell people about things we like and find value in. Some may choose to act upon that recommendation and some don’t.

If that person likes and finds value in that product or service, they’ll do the very same thing.

If that company happens to distribute their products and services through a network of people, those people have the opportunity to make a lot of money doing the very same thing they’ve been doing every day since the were three years old.

You and I have both made many companies millions of dollars over the courses of our lives without ever having been paid a penny to do so.


We have all been professional marketers since we were three years old. Some people just don’t get paid for it.

I’m outta here… going to go play golf now!!

In the meantime, check this out.


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“Take responsibility for your finances…

…or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your choice”

-Robert Kiyosaki ( The Business of The 21st Century)


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(May 6, 2010) Jim Cramer, host of MSNBC’s Mad Money, pronounced on today’s 3rd anniversary edition that there is ALWAYS a bull market, and Direct Selling IS Today’s Bull Market.”

Direct selling is “recession-proof”. “A great business model: high gross margins, low capital intensity, lots of free cash flow.”

Cramer has been snooping around my blog!!

“(Direct selling companies) have the world to compete in with no real competitors.”

Take the bull by the horns,



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“He’s a Genius at this Stuff!”

As I answered the phone, a familiar female voice could be heard saying “He’s a genius at this stuff!”


“Rodney, I’ve got Marcia here. She’s got -insert common medical condition A here-. Could you please talk to her about …?”

My mother was calling me to answer any questions Marcia had about Product X, with the hope that Marcia would ultimately sign up into her business. Her network marketing business.

“Put her on my short leg,” she said.

LOL! No problem Mom, you got it.

You see, my Mom knows nothing about network marketing, except that we’ve all been doing it since we were 3 years old, including her, and that most people just don’t get paid for it.

When the subject of a favorite product comes up , as it did with Marcia, she will tell the person how much she loves the product. If the person expresses more interest in the particular product she was discussing with Marcia, she will immediately call me.

It’s called “pique and pass”, a critical network marketing technique. One at which mother is an expert, without even trying.

A person’s curiosity gets piqued and the conversation gets passed an authority on the subject, who may better purvey information and answer questions.

Mom knows that she doesn’t need to know HOW network marketing works, just THAT it works. That way, she neither has the answers, nor does she need to.

She also knows the value of pique and pass, and how it sets forth a powerful duplication process which allows her to succeed in network marketing.

Marcia is meeting me tomorrow to “sign up” and set up her very own network marketing distributorship.

A product spoke to a person, who spoke to another. That’s pretty simple.

Why do people make network marketing so difficult?

Pique and pass, just like my Mom. And if you want to make some money, read this.


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Mastering the Network Marketing Maze

Network marketing is not nearly as difficult as most make it out to be.

The problem is that most network marketers don’t get properly started in their business endeavor. That is a THE WORST MISTAKE you could possibly make in your business.

If you were going to embark on a journey, whether it be a leisurely afternoon sail or a hike up Mt. Everest, you’d insist on being properly outfitted for risk of discomfort or even death.

Building a successful network marketing business is no different than an afternoon sail or an epic mountain climb. You must have a plan and be properly outfitted to execute that plan in order to succeed. Failure is not an option.

If we understand network marketing for the maze that it is, then doesn’t it only make sense to master the maze BEFORE we embark on our journey?


Master the maze? That’s correct, I just told you to cheat.

The way to solve a complicated maze is to cheat the maze. You begin from the end of the maze and work your way back through to the beginning.

If you’ve never done this before, try it. You’ll finish the maze much faster with many fewer mistakes and headaches, plus you’ll save half an eraser and a pencil sharpening or two.


Cheating the maze is the fastest way to your ultimate success as a network marketer.

How do you cheat the maze in network marketing? Simple. You begin with the end in mind.

Learning what it takes to get to a particular goal, target or earning level in network marketing is the key to actually making it happen.

Now I’m not advocating cheating! It’s only a figure of speech. The optimal way to learn what it will take for you to get through your network marketing maze is to understand what it took for others to do the same thing. The best way to do that is to ask them.

Seek counsel from leaders and learn how they did what they did to achieve the success you wish to achieve.

That Lamborghini isn’t just going to appear out of thin air!


They’re not just going to pull up a truck one sunny day and surprisingly roll it into your driveway. You must earn it. You must solve the maze to receive those keys.

Maybe your dream isn’t a Lamborghini. Maybe it’s only $500, $1000, $5000 a week.

cash pile

Maybe you just want to quit your job and stay home with your family. Maybe you want to make enough money so your husband can quit his job and your family can travel.

Whatever your goal, you must begin with the end in mind. You must cheat the maze.

Consult your leaders and follow exactly what they did to get where they are at now. What is their plan for the future? How do they plan to get where they are going.

Read the books they’ve read. Take the courses they’ve taken. Follow the leaders they’ve followed.

Follow the footsteps of leaders, as the they’ve already blazed the trail for you.


Once you’ve determined what it will take for you to achieve your goal, develop a plan and take action!

Begin with the end in mind, my friend. Cheat the maze. Your success depends on it.


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