Are Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins REALLY worth the price?

Many people wonder if Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Coins are worth it.

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70This inside look will expose the real truth about Numis Network.  The answers lie below…

I encourage you to read this carefully:

Each month for the past 16 months, I have been receiving rare MS70 Silver collectible coins from around the World through Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club.2011 Chinese Silver Panda MS70

Each MS70 coin is a majestic work of art: a Government minted history lesson from a mint around the World, flawlessly commemorated and encapsulated in fine .958-.9999 silver.

Each individual coin has been scientifically graded by 3 independent coin scientists, who have determined each to be a perfect Mint State 70 (the highest achievable grade).

In order for any coin to receive a certified grade of MS70, all 3 scientists must each individually assign a perfect grade of MS70 – if just one scientist grades a coin an MS69, that coin cannot receive the MS70 grade.

The perfect MS70 grade makes each coin extremely rare, highly sought and increasingly valuable over time..

1992 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70 Queen Elizabeth II

What you deserve to know about Numis Network’s Silver autoship coins… are they REALLY worth the cost?

Let’s take a quick look the cost of each 2011 Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club coin

vs. how much that coin commands in today’s marketplace.


Numis 100 percent buy back guarantee

(Numis Network offers a 5 year -100% buy back guarantee on every Silver Coin of the Month Club purchase).


Here is a list of all Silver of the Month Club coins and the best known currently available source for each available coin.



Of the 12 Coins of the Month, 7 of the 12 are SOLD OUT and are no longer available for sale anywhere in the World.2011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70

Only 5 autoship coins are still available for purchase on the Internet.  Those 5 available coins are listed below, along with the price Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Members paid, AND today’s replacement cost (current value).


2011 Canadian Silver Timber Wolf MS70Fair warning: as STUNNING (+281%) as the results are below, understand they are a reality for everybody who was a member of the Numis Coin of the Month Club in 2011.

Keep in mind, since 7 of these 12 coins cannot be found for sale anywhere, it’s extremely difficult to put a current market value on them (so to be fair, we’re only going to deal with the coins that can still be sourced.


The total price to a Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club Member for these 5 available coins was $585 (an average of $117 apiece).

Today’s replacement cost is $1,641 (best known reputable prices + shipping)

for a increase of $1046 or 281%.  Keep in mind, spot silver has gone up just 6% in the same one-year time frame

(Imagine how much the value of these coins will increase once the public discovers the World is going to run out of silver in 9 years.)

1) March 2011 2011 U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS702011 1 oz U.S. 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle MS70

Best price available $149

Numis members $109



2) July 20111994 Australian Silver Kookaburra MS701994 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $795 

Numis members $119



3) September 20112011 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad MS702011 Mexican Silver Libertad MS70 1 oz

Best price available $199.99

Numis members $119



4) October 20112012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS702012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

Best price available $189.99

Numis members $119

+ $70.99


2012 Canadian Silver Cougar MS705) November 2011 2012 1 oz Canadian Silver Cougar MS70

Best price available $299

Numis members: $119

+ $180.00



What is the real value of Numis Network’s Silver autoship program?

Executive members of the Numis Silver Coin of the Month Club receive huge tax benefits (deductions).

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor, Diane Kennedy, explains the details here in a recorded inteview with Numis Executive Winder Lyons.

Ms. Kennedy has written two books in Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” series.  She has a deep and profound understanding of the U.S Tax Code.

Her book, “Smart Business, Stupid Business” is a must read for anyone who owns (or is considering owning) their own business.

Having been a CPA for 30 years, Diane Kennedy has also has a deep understanding of the power of compounding, and the residual income potential of operating a home based networking business.

Read here as she explains how she passed up on countless opportunities before joining Numis:

SIGN ME UP!!!<——— That’s what Kiyosaki’s Tax Advisor said!!

After having read her blogpost: Why I Chose Numis, you can understand where Diane is coming from.

What better business to get involved in?  Collecting appreciable assets that have historically only gone up in value AND are backed by a 100% buy back guarantee.

Lastly, no honest discussion about Numis Network can be held without mentioning the compensation plan.

Click here to listen to a discussion about the Numis Network compensation plan as explained by the person who created it, Chris Kent.

Please feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, and social media outlets .  If have any questions, please leave a comment or contact me.

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The 2012 Global Gold Picture

The 2012 Global Gold Picture

Here are some current stats on gold that I think are really cool (and really kinda crazy).

- Only 181,881 metric tons (363,762,732 pounds) of gold have ever been mined in the history of the World,

which is only 3.42 Olympic swimming pools full of gold,

which is only a cube 67 meters,

which is 24 grams of gold for every person on Earth,

which is 0.76 troy ounces (0.83 ordinary ounces) per Earthling

Here are the 2012 Global Gold Stats:

All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

In today’s US dollars, that’s only $8,487,797,102,400 (slightly more than half of the US Debt)

Eight Trillion, four-hundred eighty seven-billion, seven-hundred ninety-seven million, one hundred and two thousand, four-hundred US dollars…

$1213 of gold per person…

with a world population of 7 billion people.

But the those paths are diverging: more people = less gold per person

Which makes gold a bargain at $1616.00 an ounce…

Which makes silver an even better bargain @ $29, according to this, where “Gold is Great, but Silver is the Next Apple

Click here for more on gold and silver.

Rod Albers

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2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)

2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)

scroll down to view the coin’s history, mintage, specifications,

original cost and current value (replacement cost)

$119 through Numis Network’s

Silver Coin of the Month Club

best known reputable dealer’s price available today:

SOLD OUT/UNAVAILABLE - impossible to find

2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf MS70


What’s so cool about the 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70)?



Click here to learn more about the 2012 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mint State (MS70).

For more on gold and silver click here.

Rod Albers


2012 United Kingdom Silver Britannia Mint State (MS70)

scroll down to view the coin’s history, mintage, specifications,

original cost and current value (replacement cost)


$119 through Numis Network’s

Silver Coin of the Month Club

best known reputable dealer’s price available today:

SOLD OUT/UNAVAILABLE - impossible to find

2012 United Kingdom Silver Britannia


What’s so cool about the 2012 United Kingdom Silver Britannia Mint State (MS70)?

First issued by the British Royal Mint in 1997, the Silver Britannia is a unique and fascinating treasure. It is the largest and purest legal tender coin minted in the United Kingdom today.

Measuring 40 millimeters and weighing 32.45 grams, the coin is composed of .958 fine silver, also known as Britannia silver, an alloy comprising 95.8% silver and 4.2% copper.

The 2012 Silver Britannia is one of a growing number of coin series that features a new design on the reverse each year. For 2012, the Royal Mint has chosen to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Britannia Bullion series by using the design that was first featured on the 1987 Gold Britannia. It depicts Britannia, armed with a trident and shield, standing proudly on the shore with her hair and gown streaming in the sea breeze. The design was created by the sculptor Philip Nathan who sought to personify the nations proud naval history.

The obverse features the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley, with the coins legal tender value of ’2 Pounds’ inscribed across the bottom. Above the Queen’s portrait is the inscription “Elizabeth II D G Reg Fid Def” which is the abbreviation for the Latin phrase meaning, “Elizabeth the Second, Reigning by the grace of God, Defender of the Faith.”

With a very strict limit on the number of coins produced each year, the 2012 Silver Britannia makes an enduring memento to cherish for a lifetime.

Weight: 2.454 g Diameter: 40.00 mm Composition: .958 Silver(95.8%) Thickness: 3 mm


Click here to learn more about the 2012 United Kingdom Silver Britannia Mint State (MS70).

For more on gold and silver click here.

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Veteran Network Marketers know one of the most important things to consider when researching and evaluating the details of a Network Marketing company’s compensation plan is the ability to make a lot of money in both a short period of time as well as long term passive residual income (mailbox money).

Numis Network has taken the term “mailbox money” to a whole new level: their product is money, shipped monthly to your mailbox.

“Numis” is Latin for “Money”. I’m not sure what the Latin word for “mailbox” is.

We’d all agree, without a doubt the product does matter in Network Marketing. If product doesn’t move, neither will paychecks.

Numis Network’s products are appreciable assets, which have historically ONLY gone UP in value. This means that every rep in Numis makes just by ordering and owning the products.

The only risk in joining Numis is not joining Numis.

“My family thought I was crazy for focusing on assets rather than a job. I was; Crazy successful.” -Kim Kiyosaki

Numis is a perfect addition to any asset portfolio and a perfect compliment to a Network Marketer’s bank account, especially one that is going down instead of up.

And for those who like to keep score, the Numis opportunity becomes a “no brainer” when attention is turned to a compensation plan that Top Network Marketing Industry experts agree “has it all” and has even been called a “Sleep Interrupter.”

Numis by the Numbers

One of the most critical factors that determines both immediate and long-term success is the ratio of earnings to team members.

How many people does it take in an organization to make X amount of dollars per month?

Let’s compare examples of how many people it would take to make $35k a month ($420k a year).

In an “average” Network Marketing organization, one would typically expect to be making $35k/month if they had a network of 8k-10k people.

In a Utopian Network Marketing company, everybody would be making money, nobody would ever quit or go off autoship, hyper-growth would occur on autopilot.

The Utopian organization would continue to grow geometrically; more people would experience more success more quickly.

In Numis, a downline of a mere 3200 people can generate 35k/month; Numis Network reps experience 3 to 4 times the success, relative to an “average” Network Marketing company. It can take as little as 25% as many people to build to a particular income level in the Numis Network as it does in an “average” MLM.

Those of you who’ve been in organizations with over 8,000 people know how fast they can grow once they catch fire, IF you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right opportunity, excellent leadership and the right factors in place.

Imagine having 8000 people in your downline and making 4 TIMES as much money!

How is Numis achieving such a staggering earnings to team member ratio?

The answer is the second major factor that determines both immediate and long-term success in a Network Marketing company: retention.

Veteran Network Marketers know that you can build a downline of 40,000 people and still make $500,000 a year or more with a little as 1% customer retention (loyalty).

Numis Network has achieved something that no other company can seem to offer: the customer receives more value during EVERY transaction than it costs them, so they continue ordering again and again.

People who understand business know that the best customer is a repeat customer. It takes a lot more money and effort to acquire a customer than it takes to keep one.
So it stands to reason that the “perfect” business model would be a business model where 100% of the people are repeat customers, month after month after month, year after year after year.

The owners of Numis Network: Jake Kevorkian, Chris Kent and Ian Cordell get it, and have developed such a program, along with help from an unlikely ally, the US Government.

The customer retention in Numis is unheard of… it is nearly Utopian. A large amount of independent organizations within the Numis Network with sizable distributor bases where 100% customer retention is being observed.

How is Numis able to achieve such astounding autoship numbers?

Because people LOVE their autoship. It’s like Christmas once a month or more.

Which leads us to another reason why the Numis Compensation plan rocks:

In a typical independent Numis organization, i.e. YOUR business, average orders (over the course of the entire month) can be as much as or more than twice the autoship minimum to stay qualified for commissions.

In simple terms, people are ordering product because they want to, not because they are forced to because of some compensation methodology, like many in the industry.

2x consumption = 2x more monthly money. That would never happen in any traditional Network Marketing company. For the entire organization??

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. – Abraham Lincoln

Honest Abe might also add, “if nobody is getting fooled, then fools must not be involved”.

Click here to join the Numis Network now.

To your success and abundance,

Rod Albers


2012 Canadian Silver Cougar Mint State (MS70)

scroll down to view the coin’s history, mintage, specifications,

original cost and current value (replacement cost)


$119 through Numis Network’s

Silver Coin of the Month Club

best known reputable dealer’s price available today:

SOLD OUT/UNAVAILABLE - impossible to find

2012 Canadian Silver Cougar MS70


What’s so cool about the 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar Mint State (MS70)?

Entering its second year of production, the Canadian Wildlife Series features reverse designs that are representative of Canada’s wildlife.  Each year, the Royal Canadian Mint will release two annual issues from this highly anticipated series through 2013.

The coin’s reverse depicts a Canadian Cougar with its mouth agape and front paws balanced on the branch of a fallen tree.  The image of this robust and powerful creature was designed by William Woodrufff, the Royal Canadian Mint’s Senior Engraver and designer of the 2011 Canadian Grizzly’s reverse. 

Acclaimed Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt designed the coin’s obverse which features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Struck from one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, this coins bears the face value of $5 and is part of an extremely limited mintage.  The next issue of the six-coin Canadian Wildlife series will not be announced until next year. 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar MS70 Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Canadian Mint is exclusively responsible for the production and distribution of these coins and has placed a strict, low mintage on them.  The demand for these pure silver coins has been unprecedented in Europe and the rest of the world.  If previous issues of this coin are any indication, the Silver Canadian Cougar will sell out very fast, making your ownership of one (or more) even more impressive.

Weight:     31.11 g Diameter:  38 mm Thickness:  31.15 mm Composition:  .9999 Fine Silver

Click here to learn more about the 2012 Canadian Silver Cougar Mint State (MS70).

For more on gold and silver click here.

Rod Albers


Why I Love Numis Network

Why I Love Numis Network
Numis Network Visa Debit Pay Card

My Numis team is officially growing out of its skin. It’s out of control!! I now have over 300 active Business Centers in my Numis Organization and we are just getting started.

Why such explosive growth, you ask? I’ll just go ahead and state the “bottom line” here: pretty much every business and/or business model on Earth is risky compared to Numis. You can only win with Numis. You can not lose. It is the only business where you can not fail.

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, but if they can’t then they must agree to enroll here :)

Why People Love Numis Network

The reasons people are flocking to Numis are simple: Numis Network is for anyone who wants to get involved with a quality organization that helps people take their financial futures into their own hands, by collecting and promoting premium gold and silver assets through a home based business platform that offers unlimited residual income, huge tax benefits, and a family atmosphere with a “no man left behind mentality”, all integrated into a system which gets information viral to people who want it and volunteer to receive it.

If you don’t want to receive perfectly graded precious metal in the mail every month and get paid to do it while receiving huge tax breaks and incentives, WITHOUT RISK, then you probably need not read any further.

Numis is the category leader in the $100 Billion industry of collectible coins. Numis is not only the category leader in all of Network Marketing, but in the entire world. For a bit of perspective, the NFL grosses $6 Billion a year. That’s a pretty big number, but NFL revenues are tiny compared to the $100 Billion collectible coin industry.

The entire Health and Wellness Industry boasts $600 Billion in annual sales world wide. That’s a staggering amount, but from a business standpoint, would you rather be involved in a $100 Billion industry without competition, or slug it out for crumbs with 5,000 other competitors?

Another reason to love Numis Network

Oh, I almost forgot! Numis is the ONLY company in Network Marketing to offer a 5 year 100% Buy Back Guarantee.

Numis 100% Buy Back Guarantee Never in my 15 years of Network Marketing have I seen an organization that strives to see everyone succeed and works to elevate people to higher levels the way Numis does. It is truly a team effort, and extremely fun to be a part of.

I actually chuckle when people call what I do work, and I feel guilty that I have the opportunity to have this much fun and get paid to do it.

This list includes people from several different countries, from all walks of life and social strata, from multiple 6-figure earners, to Robert Kiyosaki’s tax adviser, to housewives, to my buddy who works at the bowling alley.

Many of my teammates are making super incomes (almost all on a part-time basis). Some are building true wealth. Some are making enough to pay the mortgage or car payment. Some are just getting started. Some are anxiously waiting for the U.K. to open up in November so they can upgrade to Executive and officially start their businesses.

If you are one of those people who wants more than what you’ve got and are willing to do something about it, let’s connect.

To get started right now with the Numis opportunity, click here.

Click here to see the Numis Business Presentation.

Click here to see the Numis Compensation plan (watch the top video with the black background)

To your success and abundance,

Rod Albers



Numis Network Executive Training Guide

This is a step-by-step, paint by numbers system for any Numis Network Executive to get started correctly, and get their new Executives correctly.

1) Go to Complete the steps: add yourself to the Numis Training List, listen to the “Where to Start” audio, watch the Fast Track training video…

2) -Go to Register, if you don’t already have an account.

Follow: @NumisNetwork, @RayHigdon, @workwithdave, @DianeKennedyCPA, @Rod_Albers, @AddYourTwitterUsernameHere

3) Check the EVENTS Schedule in your Numis back office (top header – grey bar) to see if any events are in your area, or if you know anyone in the area the events are in.

4) - Read this short blog and watch the top video (with the black background):

While following along with the video, refer to this document, the Numis Network Compensation Plan

5) -Join the Success Club- Back office, top header, locate SUCCESS CLUB, sign up. Best $9 a month you’ll ever spend.

6) - Become a Silver Eagle- Back office, top header, locate “RESOURCES”, select “Documents”, “Silver Eagle Performance Schedule”, print it out, then send an email to Chris Kent: Ask Chris to put you on a “Silver Eagle Challenge Team.”

Any new Executive has 30 days to enroll two Executives and reach the lifetime achievement level of Silver Eagle. If they accomplish this in 7 days, they will become a Double Silver Eagle.

7) Order an Accelerator Kit: Go to the top header menu in your Numis back office (the grey bar) and click on “ORDER PRODUCTS”. At the very top left margin, click on “Coin of the Month Club… Sets… The Legacy Series Accelerator Collection.

A $100 discount will be applied to all accelerator kits purchased during a new Executive’s first 30 days.

Comfort Zone


1) Assist each enrollee through the sign up process, so they will be able to do the same for their enrollees. Answer any initial questions they may have, which will require your familiarity with the back office.

2) - Confirm your new enrollee is on Facebook: and included in the Numis Network Group.

Add them here:!/groups/150200158388707/

If you are not yet a member of this group, go there now and ask to be added. Group membership here is important, as fresh information flows through the group.

3) Same goes for for Numis Prosperity Mastermind. If you are not a member, contact me and I will invite you.

Visit Numis Prosperity Mastermind

4) – Have your new enrollee make a list of the 15-20 people who would have the most impact on their business, contact these people individually, ask them this question: “Are you open to a side project, to make some extra money, without it interfering with what you are currently doing?” If they say, “Yes”, copy, paste and email them the following information:

- Your link: … for example, my link is

- A business presentation link, (check to make sure your links work before you send!!)

For NON-network marketers,this can be either the most recent live Corporate Business Presentation event, available at: (scroll down to “Recent Videos”), or you may also use Ray Higdon’s Business Presentation:

For those who have Network Marketing experience, send them this link:

for example, mine is

Schedule a good time for follow up. After they’ve seen the video, ask them what they liked best about it. Let them recount the information they absorbed about the video that spoke to them.

Don’t forget to read from The Golden Library.

To lead, you must first be a good follower. -Somebody smart


2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra Mint State (MS70)

scroll down to view the coin’s history, mintage, specifications,

original cost and current value (replacement cost)


$119 through Numis Network’s

Silver Coin of the Month Club

best reputable dealer’s price available today: $189.99 @

2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70

What’s so cool about the 2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra Mint State (MS70)?

Enjoying its 23rd year in production, the Australian Silver Kookaburra was first issued by the Perth Mint in 1990.

Since it was introduced, the Austrailian Silver Kookaburra has become one of the most sought after silver coins in the world. this is primarily due to the Perth Mint’s practice of changing the coins’s reverse design each year to feature a new image of the native Australian kingfisher and its extremely limited mintage.

The coin’s obverse portrays the crowned profile of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Surrounding Ian Rank-Broadley’s iconic image of the Queen are inscriptions “Elizabeth II, Australia, and the coin’s 1 Dollar denomination.

The reverse image for the 2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra features a unique design by the highly acclaimed aboriginal artist, Darryl Bellotti. It depicts a boastful kookaburra perched on a branch among leaves of a eucalyptus tree with its beak agape as it initiates its unmistakable laughter-like call.

The kookaburra’s boisterous call is one of the most familiar sounds in the forests of eastern Australia. The wild chorus of the insane laughter that these birds create at dawn and dusk each day has earned them the nickname of the “bushman’s alarm clock.”

Minted in one troy ounce of .999 Fine Silver and graded MS70 by ANACS, the 2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra is minted in a stunning “reverse-proof” finish, which is the opposite of US proof coins. The background is frosted while the images themselves are rendered in a dazzling mirror-like finish, allowing them to catch the light beautifully.

Weight: 31.135 g Diameter: 40.60 mm Thickness: 4.00 mm Composition: .999 Fine Silver 2012 1 oz Australian Silver Kookaburra MS70 Queen Elizabeth II


Click here to learn more about the 2012 Australian Silver Kookaburra Mint State (MS70).

For more on gold and silver click here.

Rod Albers


Attention United Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for an opportunity to change your life? For one quid, no less!! (Scroll down to watch the video…)


You’ve most likely heard of the amazing opportunity called Numis Network,
the world’s first network marketing company bringing real wealth to families around North America.

Numis has been marketing certified gold & silver to people for the past 2 years and dominating this network marketing category with ZERO competition

Well, the eagerly anticipated international pre-launch into your nation is finally here.

Numis Network opportunity has come to your land!

Now, anyone in UK which is Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand will be able to pre-enroll for only one pound (£1) approx $1.60 USD

That’s right only £1 British Pound Sterling

For this you will have access to your own replicated website to market and
recruit other UK residents who want to capitalize on this exploding trend & market. 24 hours a day!!!

Just think about if you could have been first to capitalize on Google, Microsoft, Cell-phone boom or even the bottle water trend?

Would you be richer today? I know your answer is YES

Well if you missed those multi-billion dollar trends, you definitely will not want to miss out on positioning early with Numis in UK

Remember, it’s always easier to be early than smart.

You want to be able to look back and see 100′s on your team in the next few weeks, don’t you?

Once you sign up for £1, you will have access to your own back office to see your new sign ups in the genealogy page ( daily in real time).

AND, for that same quid, you’ll be able to lock in your spot an immdiately be able to enroll other reps in USA, CAN & Puerto Rico too!

Are you beginning to see how big this is?

For those of you who want to be a founding rep in Numis Network, this is going to be HUGE for you to get a massive jump start!

2011 British 2 Pound Britannia Silver MS70 Coin

ON Nov 1st Numis will officially flick the switch and “Go LIVE” at which point your credit cards will be processed for the remaining enrollment amount plus all other accumulated pre-enrollees’ enrollments.

It goes without saying, Numis coming to UK is a HUGE opportunity for you


The more people that sign up, the faster you can build a massive
downline & residual check. We are expecting at least 5000 sign ups in the next 60 days!

So here’s what you must do, click this link, bookmark it, enroll NOW and together we will take Numis Network to the TOP!

To your success,

Rod Albers

Click on the Numis UK video below…

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